Jårg Geismar
The red Line - Jårg Geismar (2013) Jårg Geismar’s art is often unwieldy and generally difficult to categorize. He creates objects and images, as well as ephemeral installations and temporary interventions, which cannot be pigeonholed and are not made first and foremost for the market – the opposite of much of which characterizes the highly commodified, global contemporary art world on the threshold of the new millennium. His art transcends the normal ambitions and aspirations of many a contemporary artist, and his highly individual position occupies a very personal space, while at the same time addressing issues with a universal message. Kenny Schachter and Noemi Smolik delve into Geismar’s fascinating world of art and socio-cultural interaction from two highly divergent starting points and open new perspectives and ways of seeing.

Texts: Kenny Schachter and Noemi Smolik / 22 x 28,5 cm cm / 304 pages / Published by hatje cantz /
ISBN 978-3-7757-3633-6
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Part Of Something
Part of something - Gerbrand Burger (2016) Artist book with a selection of 200 drawings on A4 and

American letter format, from an ever growing archive

of drawings, dating back to 2003.

Artists Stephan Keppel and Marc Nagtzaam co-edited

the selection and designers Kai Bernau and Susana

Carvalho of Open Work took care of the design.

Print run: 500 copies. / 24 x 33 cm cm / 288 pages / Published by Gerbrand Burger Studio /
ISBN 978-90-825583-0-2
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The Mechanics - Zoro Feigl (2016) The book provides a delightful overview of Zoro’s oeuvre so far: from his first large-scale work Loop (2007), to his most recent one, Monolith (2016). Pictures of the works both inside his studio and on site, drawings, sketches, and short texts by Zoro himself, combine to give an incomparable insight into the mind of this artist/inventor.

Texts by Zoro Feigl and Oscar Peters based on the interviews by Joyce Roodnat, in collaboration with Verbeke Foundation. / 17,5 x 24,5 cm cm / 112 pages / Published by Verbeke Foundation /
ISBN 978-90-825-2083-5
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NICO-DOCKX-Revolution copy
A Revolution A Day - Nico Dockx (2017) A newspaper project curated and published by Nico Dockx in close dialogue with Hans Ulrich Obrist (CH, 1968). Request Info
Blackbird - Ton Zwerver (2017) Blackbird is the most recent book by Ton Zwerver.
In the book various methods, flat and spatial, staged and edited come together. The resulting images meet and form a dialogue about time, space, content and matter, a fluid of images that are on their way to their destination.

Blackbird contains 72 full color pages and appears in an edition of 100 signed copies / 72 pages
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De kuur.indd
De Kuur - Emily Kocken (2017) Unsettling literary soap-noir about

a family trip to the Magic Mountain

Businessman Yves Altman has been mesmerized by the famous novel ‘The Magic Mountain’ his whole life. His house, where he lives with his four adult children from two marriages oozes the spirit of Art Nouveau. With his new girl friend and his children he travels to Davos, to the real Magic Mountain where Thomas Mann wrote his novel. Yves loves the book and not sharing this by his family is not an option.

From the beginning of the trip things go different than planned, everybody mixes up place and time. Undefinable powers seem to be in charge. Yves has a hidden agenda and the oppressed desires of his girlfriend and his children create a dilemma. Is it possible to go back?

‘De kuur’ is a search for identity in modern corrupt economic times, a dark sexy fairy tale and a family saga about love in all forms. / 13.5 x 21.5 cm / 276 pages / Published by Querido /
ISBN 978-90-214-06-114
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(moe) 2008 Photography: Emily Kocken & Anita Kooij

Price 35 euros / 14,8 x 19 cm / 40 pages / Published by Stichting Zero Amsterdam /
ISBN 978-90-79572-01-4
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Loek Grootjans
Loek Grootjans 2008 Texts by several authors

26,5 x 22,5 cm, 304 pages

ISBN: 978-90-78411-03-1

Price 45 euros
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The Breadman Bible
The Breadman Bible 2009 Text & images: Emily Kocken

Graphic design: Judith van der Aar

Price 35 euros / 21 x 23 cm / 470 pages / paperback / Published by Stichting Zero Amsterdam /
ISBN 978-90-79572-02-1
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Tracing the Mother Key
Tracing the Mother Key 2010 Photography and text: Emily Kocken

Graphic design: Carst van der Molen

Price 35 euros / 20x25 cm / 120 pages / hardcover with dust jacket / Published by Stichting Zero Amsterdam /
ISBN 978-90-79572-03-8
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Collecting Evidence
Collecting Evidence 2010 Photography/drawings/text:

Emily Kocken


Egle Obcarskaite

Graphic design:

Emily Kocken with

Carst van der Molen

Price 35 euros / 18x18 cm / 72 pages / hardcover with dust jacket / Published by C&H Art Space /
ISBN 978-90-815987-1-2
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Essence 2011 Text by Grazia Quaroni

Price 35 euros / 18 x 18 cm / 70 pages / Published by C&H Art Space /
ISBN 978-90-815987-3-6
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mer à boire
Mer à boire 2011 Texts by Gijs Frieling

Interview by Hrag Vartanian

Price 35 euros / 18 x 18 cm / 70 pages / Published by C&H Art Space /
ISBN 978-90-815987-4-3
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folklore punk
Folklore punk 2012 Price 35 euros Request Info
Escape landscapes 2013 Price 35 euros / 18 x 18 cm cm / 80 pages / Published by C&H art space /
ISBN 978-90-815987-9-8
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Adding up to the west 2013 Text by Rob Perrée

Price 35 euros / 18 x 18 cm / 80 pages / Published by C&H art space /
ISBN 978-90-815987-7-4
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Witte Vlag 2013 Text: Emily Kocken

Cover Design: Anneke Germers

Cover photo: Gert Weigelt / 13,5 x 21,5 cm cm / 352 pages pages / Published by Querido /
ISBN 978 90 214 4663 9
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play of appearances
Play of appearances 2013 text by Irene de Craen

Price 35 euros / 18 x 18 cm / 80 pages / Published by C&H art space /
ISBN 978-90-815987-8-1
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You are my favourite waste of time 2014 Price 15 euros Request Info
Erik de Bree
Erik de Bree op São Miguel 2014 Texts: Joost Bergman

29 x 24 cm, 95 pages

ISBN: 978-94-91196-85-0

Price 25 euros
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Hermitage, The Modernists
Hermitage, The Modernists Laurence Aëgerter, 2011 Texts by Rébecca François and Anna van Leeuwen

Price 35 euros / 18 x 18 cm / 70 pages / Published by C&H Art Space /
ISBN 978-90-815987-2-9
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