Private Room: New Proposals and Artists from the Gallery

C&H Gallery is proud to present in the Private Room New proposals and artists from the gallery
as part of the Amsterdam Art Weekend Public Program 2018.

Opening: Friday, 23rd of November, between 17:00- 21:00 hrs.
The exhibition will run until the 29th of December.

Artists from the Gallery: Marcel van den Berg,Gerbrand Burger, Delphine Courtillot and Remy Jungerman.
New Proposals: George Kratochvil and Maarten Schuurman

PRESS RELEASE – George Kratochvil

In this new series of drawings by George Kratochvil, the outlines of characters, traced from various Persian miniature paintings, appear to have been confined, like ghosts of a deteriorated past, to an environment that surges with a relentless graphic motif. The onslaught of tiny shapes references various ornamental crafts such as tapestry, embroidery or mosaic. The elements that make up these ink drawings, have been described as being “diametrically opposed”, presenting a trypophilic surface of painstakingly hand drawn pattern work that might relish the meticulous and the reactionary, while, on the other hand revealing a suggestive enticement with the appropriated figures. The various elements are held within the same pictorial space, creating scenes of an unsettling tranquility.