Event ‘A revolution a day’ – Nico Dockx

To celebrate the release of ‘ A Revolution A Day’ – a newspaper project curated and published by Nico Dockx (BE, 1974) in close dialogue with Hans Ulrich Obrist (CH, 1968) – the artist and C&H gallery organize a special event during Amsterdam Art weekend. It features a series of lectures, performances, and artistic interventions on the idea of revolution, by Kasper Bosmans (BE, 1990), Cari Gonzalez-Casanova (PR, 1971), Erik Hagoort (NL, 1962), Frank JMA Castelyns (BE, 1957), Laura Morsch-Kihn (FR, 1978) feat. JJ Peet (US, 1973), Steve Van den Bosch (BE, 1975), and Albert van Westing (NL, 1960).