Art Rotterdam 2018 OPEN AIR – Loek Grootjans


C&H Gallery is proud to present during Art Rotterdam 2018: Vincent’s Asylum in Open Air by Loek Grootjans.

After a residency in the Van Goghhuis in Zundert in 2012, Loek Grootjans developed the idea of building an asylum for Vincent van Gogh, a gathering place for all major attributes of the grandmaster’s life: drinking water from Zundert, ground on which he was born, mummified pears and fried vegetables from the vegetable garden, found pigment from St. Rémy de Provence. Vincent’s Asylum derives from the ‘Storage for Distorted Matter’ project.

A long-term project by Loek Grootjans. Everything that the artist leaves mentally and physically gets a place in this project. Everything associated with the artist and his world is stored, recorded and archived. That’s how he ‘stores life’. The effort to include everything has always played a major role in Grootjans’ work. The impossibility of that attempt could be seen as a “hopeful” failure.

One thing above all can be said with certainty about Loek Grootjans (1955, Arnemuiden): he is a system thinker and he takes his practice very seriously, in the sense that he drives everything through down to the last detail. Talking about Grootjans’s oeuvre, in part, means talking about a framework within which his work takes place. He created this framework in 1998 with the creation of ‘the Foundation for the benefit of the aspiration and understanding of context (formerly known as the institute for immediate knowledge, real perception and logic features according to the most contemporary monochrome paintings)’. This foundation consists of several departments, sub-departments and departments that have branched out over the years.