Art Rotterdam 2018 – Jantien Jongsma, Ton Zwerver, Zoro Feigl


C&H Gallery is proud to present during Art Rotterdam 2018:
Jantien Jongsma, Ton Zwerver and Zoro Feigl at Main Section, stand #44

De Wederopbouw – Jantien Jongsma
From the studio windows you can see the luscious nature outside. The foliage, the trees and the plants suggest that you are in an outdoor area instead of Amsterdam. This environment is a basis of the inspiration for Jantien. The title ‘De Wederopbouw’ (the reconstruction) refers to the mindset of the period of reconstruction, in which light and space play an important role. With these thoughts as inspiration, a point of departure, a process of the evolving artworks. The studio is set up in an illuminated style. A lot of plants around the house, freedom and contact with nature.
A constant theme in the work of Jantien Jongsma (b. 1965, NL) is having encounters: when using her normal materials she accomplishes hundreds of meetings on paper. She may initially have had a vague idea about how and where she was to begin. The sheet of paper was given a basic color after which she began to draw all those elements and ideas that keep haunting her. There may, at times, have been a clear concept. But soon she began to realize that her work demanded something else from her, to which she gave in, with the result that many elements in her drawings make a spontaneous impression.

Huiskamer Sculptuur – Ton Zwerver
In 1982 when Zwerver found himself without a studio. He began to make what he called “Huiskamer Skulpturen’ or Livingroom Sculptures. Working in the home of friends who were away during the day, Zwerver would construct a sculpture from an individual possessions, photograph the work, return everything to its proper place and be gone before the individual returned home.The resulting Photographs evoked a sense of fantasy. Bringing to mind the childhood notion that during sleep, one’s toys came to life .With the artist as mediator, inanimate objects were invested with intentions of their own. The Livingroom Sculptures were constructed of a few mondain, but carefully selected objects, the posessed a striking formal presence that revealed zwerver’s rigorous aesthetic. – Janie Cohen
Ton Zwerver (b. 1951, NL) lives and works in Amsterdam. He graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten. His work has been in a number of exhibitions, in both The Netherlands and abroad. He has held solo exhibitions at PS1 Contemporary Art Center, New York, Galerie Carlos Poy, Barcelona, and Gemeente Museum, Arnhem to name a few.

Scapes – Zoro Feigl
Zoro refers to this new body of work as ‘scapes’, as in land- or seascapes. By continuing his experiments with movement and coincidence on a smaller scale, Zoro can carry out a detailed investigation. He can study the possibilities and behaviors of his materials with different machines, compare the results and continue the most interesting experiments. The smaller scale also makes Zoro’s projects suitable for more intimate, confined spaces. This forces the inventor to find new ways in which his machines engage in dialogue with their environment. Despite these developments, the works retain their distinctive visual language: industrial and unpolished, impetuous and light-footed. They are constantly changing objects that even surprise Zoro.
Zoro Feigl (b. 1983, NL) lives and works in Amsterdam. He graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and the HISK in Gent. His work has been shown in both The Netherlands and abroad, The National Art Museum of China (Beijing), Galeria de Arte do SESI (Sao Paulo), de Verbeke Foundation (Kemzeke, Belgium), Black Door (Istanbul), Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, DordtYart (Dordrecht), MU and W139 to name a few. His work has been acquired by several private collections.