Array – Ruta Butkute

C&H gallery is proud to present Array by Ruta Butkute.
A solo exhibition with sculptures, videos and ceramic paintings
brought together in a site-specific installation.

Ruta Butkute’s installations defy the limitations of traditional media and art disciplines. Nevertheless, the artist embraces the white cube context, in which spectators are open for aesthetic experiences, however puzzling they can be. The installation is scattered across the gallery floor in an effortless manner. Various materials intermingle and find ways to oppose or complete each other. Sculptures in this case are combinations of colored porcelain, ceramic tiles and ambiguous wooden tools of the last century which have lost their function. Here every object becomes a new material, which the artist embraces and occasionally juxtaposes with new media. Short sequences of movement of the objects are captured in video work. The artist uses moving image to research how to activate the static form of sculpture in search for performativity.
How do these various media relate and transforms into one another; this exhibition strives to create a new place for these drifting objects.

Supported by:


Amsterdam Art Weekend 2018 Public Program
Book presentation: Anne Berk will introduce
Ruta Butkute’s latest publication ‘Spell Action’
on Saturday 24th November 15:00 – 17:00 hrs.

Bradwolff Projects publishes the artist book ‘Spell Action’ (2018) of artworks of the Lithuanian artist Ruta Butkute from the period 2014 – 2018. It comes with an accompanying text from art/design critic Louise Schouwenberg. The book is Butkute’s visual research on different artworks in media such as sculpture, installation, video and performance. The artist is interested in how one medium transforms into another, in this case in a publication which accentuates the search for physicality.
During the Amsterdam Art Weekend the artist book ‘Spell Action’ will be launched coinciding with Ruta Butkute’s solo exhibition in the gallery space. Art critic and curator Anne Berk will give a brief lecture on the artist’s work. The book concept and the design is developed in collaboration with Bradwolff Projects and graphic designer Kees Janmaat.

Ruta Butkute (b. 1984, LT) lives and works in Amsterdam. After graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie she participated in several renowned residencies including the prestigious Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. Her work has been exhibited in The Netherlands and abroad, among Cultuurcentrum Strombeek Grimbergen (BE), Teruhiro Yanagihara gallery (JP), Intersections Art Rotterdam 2017 and Kunstvereniging Diepenheim.

Supported by: Mondriaan Fonds (MF), Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst (AFK), stichting Stokroos, Stichting Harten fonds (HF)