Amsterdam Art Weekend 2017 – Loek Grootjans / Nico Dockx

Nico Dockx | ‘A Revolution A Day’ | 24 November | 12.00 – 20.00

To celebrate the release of ‘A Revolution A Day’ – a newspaper project curated and published by Nico Dockx (Belgium, 1974) in close dialogue with Hans Ulrich Obrist – the artist and C&H gallery decided to organize a special event. It features a series of lectures, performances, and artistic interventions on the idea of revolution, by Kasper Bosmans (The Netherlands, 1990), Cari Gonzalez-Casanova (Puerto Rico, 1971), Erik Hagoort (The Netherlands, 1962), Frank JMA Castelyns (Belgium, 1957), Laura Morsch-Kihn (France, 1978), JJ Peet (United States, 1973), Steve Van den Bosch (Belgium, 1975), and Albert van Westing (The Netherlands, 1960).

Loek Grootjans | ‘Vincent’s Asylum revisited’ | 25 November | OPENING: 17.00 – 19.00

‘Storage for distorted matter’ is a long-term project, begun in 2008 by Loek Grootjans (The Netherlands, 1955). It archives everything the artist leaves behind mentally and physically: his art, and everything associated with him and his world. He ‘records’ life, but confronts us with the impossibility of succeeding in this.

Grootjans has collected almost everything: his own feces, impossible masterpieces of the twenty-first century, light that Piet Mondriaan first saw when he arrived in Domburg. For ‘Vincent’s Asylum revisited’, the artist focused on gathering many different attributes connected to Vincent van Gogh.

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