Zoro Feigl

AVALANCHE Zoro_Feigl_ArtRdam2017_18
AVALANCHE | Zoro Feigl
CHERRY Zoro_Feigl_ArtRdam2017_10
CHERRY | Zoro Feigl
GOLDEN Zoro_Feigl_ArtRdam2017_3
GOLDEN | Zoro Feigl
NIGHT Zoro_Feigl_ArtRdam2017_35
NIGHT | Zoro Feigl
'A long and winding road to nowhere in particular' 2012, HDPE, motor, steel, wheels

A machine that constantly combs a green tape over the floor and so creates constantly changing patterns while also manipulating itself
'A long and winding road to nowhere in particular'  [ detail ]
'Poppy'  2010, Tarpolin, motor, steel. 900 x 900 x 500 cm

As a giant poppy flower this piece of tarpaulin unfolds itself to show an elegant dance of waves and curls while within this dance a violent battle emerges between gravity, friction and centrifugal forces
'Poppy'  [ detail ]
'Untangling the tides' 2014, Motors, controller, rope, sand

The repeating patterns of moving rope create a constant changing seascape in a space filling installation.
'Untangling the tides'  [ detail ]
'Gently'  [ detail ]
'Viscosity' 2012, HDPE, Motor, Steel. 2 x pieces 250 x 300 x 100 cm

Double waterfall of conveyor belt.
'Viscosity'  [ detail ]
'Coiled' 2013, HDPE, steel, motor

A loop of tube is manipulated so a dance between gravity and stiffness creates a constant changing balance and shape.
'Coiled'  [ detail ]