SOLO @ De Vishal – Erik de Bree

Erik de Bree is participating at the SOLO exhibition – opening on Saturday 20th October at 10 am.

At 11.00 am Dr. Renée Steenbergen, art historian, officially opens the exhibition. Renée wrote leading books on collectors of modern art in the Netherlands, conducts scientific research into motives of givers and is editor-in-chief of magazine The Fundraiser.
From solo to group exhibition. All the solo exhibitions of Castellvm Aqvae by Corrie and Harry Swaak come together in the Vishal. A group exhibition of 25 solo exhibitors with the title ‘SOLO’. For this occasion, a book is compiled, interviews with the 25 artists by Joost Pollmann, studio photography and backgrounds about Castellvm Aqvae.

The exhibition runs until the 28th of October 2018.

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