On Objects in Motion, Interview with Rūta Butkutė on Echo Gone Wrong

While reading descriptions of your works I discovered that you are interested in „objects that are left in the streets“. If I understood it right, it was not so much about “status of the trash“ but rather about losing original context and function and a chance for new possibilities. For me this idea works as a beautiful link to your work in general: I see objects in your installations as some shatters of everyday life that fall together into one constellation. Can you tell me more about how these objects come together?

One of my strategies is to transform one material into another in order to avoid easy recognition. I am trying to get rid of primary function and to create a chance for new, mysterious existence to emerge. In my everyday life, I am searching for objects, I recognize them in spaces around me, but the final selection takes place in my studio. This is where I choreograph objects in space, explore relationships between objects and materials and try to create a feeling of motion between them – a situation when one material leads to another. It is an intuitive process that closely relates to dance. That’s why I started to work with performance – I tried to rediscover sculpture in contact with human body.

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