JÅRG GEISMAR pravljice / fairytales at GALERIJA RAVNE 20 April – 16 June 2018. Film by Uroš Zavodnik.

Jårg Geismar creates spatial installations using a diverse range of materials, thus blurring the line between daily life and art. He connects his installations with his drawings, and this juncture of two techniques gives rise to a new artistic order that is both unique and beautiful. One might think that the most important elements of Geismar’s work are shape and colour; however, any visitor who sees his installations quickly realises that everything the artist does is inevitable, and that the materials he uses are not chosen at random. His choice of materials is wide and unconventional: cellophane, old shoes, clothes lines, even aluminium foil, with which the artist will cover the Ravne Gallery and then draw on with markers.
Jårg Geismar (1958, Burgsvik, Gotland, Sweden) lives and works in Dusseldorf.