Zoro Feigl – Infinity | Nest, Den Haag | january 13 – march 11 | 2018

Zoro Feigl

Zoro Feigl makes art that moves; like Poppy, an enormous flower constructed out of tarp that swirls around in a hulking, but at the same time rather elegant, kind of way. Or Detour. A long and winding road to nowhere in particular; a long green ribbon made of plastic that meanders endlessly across the floor. Those who take their time will be rewarded, because although the work sometimes looks dangerous and threatening, there is a chance to discern; a moment of recognition.

The artworks of Zoro Feigl find themselves in the realm of infinity. They might squeak, creak and scrape, twist, spout and above all protestingly grumble; but always in the form of a rhythmic cadence.


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