Remy Jungermans | In transit | 38cc

Opening Saturday 9 September at 16.00
by Benno Tempel, director Gemeentemuseum Den Haag You are cordially invited to attend.
At rst sight you immediately think: De Stijl. That is how strong the work of Remy Jungerman refers to the tight geometrical patterns of this world- renowned art movement. Jungerman, however, has his own distinct way of working. He constructs grids out of wood and uses white clay (kaolin) to paint fabrics with grid patterns. With his work he refers to the Marron cul- ture of his birthplace: the Marowijne-district in Surinam. On the occasion of the 100th birthyear of De Stijl, 38CC has invited Jungerman for a solo exhibition. His work shows that there is more then De Stijl and the Western perspective.

In the vault the short lm Visiting Deities about the Winti-rituals in Marowijne will be shown, made in 1962 by the anthropologist Bonno Thoden.

Sunday 22 October at 16.00 there will be a lecture by Remy Jungerman and Bonno Thoden.